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As a previously overweight person myself, I have been through the peaks and troughs of dieting, exercising and the rigors of generally living a healthy life.

My fitness journey started at the age of 12. Dieting and going to the gym after school and at the weekends was my way of life. Little did I know it would shape my life till this very day.

It was very difficult keeping the weight down especially as I was not necessarily a big eater and was super active. I played Tennis, swam, practiced karate and went to the gym regularly. I struggled with depression, bulimia and low self-esteem because of my weight for years.

One fine day in the Spring of 1998, I said a prayer   " God help me "   and decided it was time to make a positive and effective change. It took me 8 years to drop from 93Kg to 58Kg and I have maintained this weight for the last 12years.

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Fitness is absolutely possible for anyone to achieve and in a significantly less time too. It requires: A positive mental shift in your attitude towards food and exercise, Experienced and skilled people to assist you along the journey (Alpha Fitness) consistency.

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